Spain holidays: Britons turn their back on Benidorm – ‘keep our money in our country’

express– BENIDORM business owners have shared their struggles after a lack of tourism has forced many to close their doors. However, some Britons say they won’t be rushing back any time soon.


Spain has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with a number of restrictions being imposed across the nation impacting citizens and tourists. As a result of global travel bans, particularly here in the UK, holiday resorts including Benidorm have become among the worst casualties.

For a lot of business owners, particularly bars and restaurants in busy tourist areas, they simply can not afford to stay open without the usual customer numbers.

“It’s just been really, really difficult,” owner of Benidorm Bar 69, Simon Barker, told

“Especially for people who opened bars either late last year or early this year.”

He remained hopeful, though, that a return of holidaymakers will provide the vital boost Benidorm needs.

“Benidorm is very lucky because people come back again and again and support local businesses,” he said.

However, even with hopes of a vaccine and a return to “normal” life on the cards, many Britons have said they would prefer to spend their holidays in the UK moving forward.

Commenting on’s Facebook page, one reader said: “Holiday in Britain; spend money here keep our money in our country.” [SIC]

They were not the only one who pointed out the hardships being endured here in the UK.

“Love Benidorm but at this time sorry for our own country – hard times here we need holidaymakers here,” added a second.

Another commented: “It’s not just Benidorm. All tourist resorts are suffering.”

Benidorm usually attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year and has been a popular holiday destination since the package holiday boom of the 1960s.

However, this surge in tourism has also led to controversy.

One reader said: “Can’t stand the place it’s full of them p***head British tourists who go to English bars, eat English fish and chips and spoil it for everyone else they should go to Skegness rather..”

A second added: “At least it’s nice and quiet for the Spanish now after complaining for too long they don’t want rowdy Brits in their country.”

There are also a number of rules now in place in Spain

to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Rules include the mandatory wearing of face masks at all times, as well as an obligatory overnight curfew.

Some holidaymakers have said they feel this will take away from the usual experience.

“What kind of holiday anyway having to wear a face mask…” wrote one Reader.

There were many people who expressed sympathy for Benidorm and other struggling tourist resorts in Spain.

“Very very sad, but this is the price we pay to rid ourselves of this covid virus,” wrote one reader.”

“We can then get back to something like normal.”

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