Tuesday on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN’s “The Dale Jackson Show,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) argued the allegations aimed at GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore were nothing more than an effort of character assassination and wouldn’t hold up in court.

Brooks called the evidence propping up some of the allegations “flimsy” and said if he as a lawyer was appointed by a judge to take a side, he would pick the defendant’s side give the known circumstances.

Transcript as follows:

Dale, racial division, character assassination – those kinds of things are at the heart of every Democratic campaign. And this instance – they will know that with the aid of the mainstream news media that character assassination works. You know, I’ve been a litigator in a court of law where you try to ascertain the truth for over three decades. I was a prosecutor in the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s office. I was the District Attorney in Madison County. When I was in the private sector, I represented criminal defendants when I was appointed to do so by judges.

And I represented people in civil court in normal litigation – person versus person or business. And my evaluation of the evidence is that there is only the remotest of possible chances that if this went to a court of law that jury would find Roy Moore guilty of anything. That’s how flimsy the evidence is and if I were ordered by a judge to choose which side I wanted based on who I thought would win in front of a 12-person jury of our peers, I would in a heartbeat jump on Roy Moore’s side because that’s where I think the evidence is.

But what you have is the mainstream left-wing socialist Democrat news media trying to distort the evidence to cause people to reach the conclusion that Roy Moore engaged in unlawful conduct with a minor. And my analysis of the evidence is that is not the case. Most importantly, the media likes to say ‘well, there are nine complainers.’ Seven of them aren’t complainers. In fact, I would be calling seven of those ladies as witnesses on behalf of Roy Moore on the issue of whether he is engaged in any kind of unlawful conduct.

There are only two that have asserted that Roy Moore engaged in unlawful conduct. One of those is clearly a liar because that one forged the ‘Love, Roy Moore’ part of a yearbook in order to try to for whatever reason get at Roy Moore and win this seat for the Democrats, and there’s a lot more to it as to why I believe that the evidence is almost [incontrovertible] about whether the yearbook was forged.

So, now you’re down to one witness who said that Roy Moore engaged in nonconsensual sexual contact, OK? Well, that one witness’ testimony is in direct and stark contrast with that of the other seven ladies, who said that he acted like an officer and a gentleman. And you look at the preponderance of the evidence, and then you add Roy Moore’s denial, and you add his long deeply held Christian beliefs, and I just don’t think there’s any way in the world that a jury would agree with the assertions of The Washington Post and others that are trying to make us believe in the state of Alabama that we would be electing a pedophile. And I think it’s doing a great disservice to the people of Alabama and America to try to make this race about that issue when it should be about border security, and illegal aliens … and national defense.

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