Ikea inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing

Ikea inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing
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If you’re planning on doing any Christmas shopping at Ikea this December – aka for all of your homeware-loving loved ones – you might want to keep a little bit of money aside, as Ikea-inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing.

Dubbed the ‘Swedish Stocking’, the stocking, which uses the same material as the shop’s Frakta bags, comes courtesy of London-based company Bootleg Baubles, who have fashioned the stockings out of the iconic plastic carriers.

The homage comes 30 years after the carrier bag was first released by the Swedish firm.

IKEA xmas stockings
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Despite it being made of plastic, the festive stocking will cost you way more than the standard 40p carrier bag charge – as it costs £20.

£20 for a stocking. Made of plastic. Outrageous, we know.

But we digress.

Ikea has actually become pretty fashionable as of late, with Balenciaga having created a Ikea inspired bag which retails at £1,672 – before the internet took matters into their own hands and started styling their own accessories out of the Frakta bags.

IKEA xmas stockings
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So really, it was only so long until a Christmas stocking came about.

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However, it seems Bootleg Baubles itself knows that its stocking will be a bit hit-and-miss, as the stocking’s description reads: ‘Nobody knew they wanted this and suddenly here it is.’

And they’re right – nobody did know they wanted this. And we’re not sure we do now, either.

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