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Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said President Donald Trump should resign because he “has been accused by many women of assault.”

Sanders said, “Well, I don’t know that you know what was in Al Franken’s mind. But the point is, the point is, that we have the absurdity now of a president of the United States who basically says on a tape that everybody in this country has seen his pride, in a sense, in assaulting women. And he has not apologized for that and he has not offered his resignation. So I think that’s the absurdity. But I think in terms of what Gingrich was saying, there needs to be a due process.”

“There needs to be a differentiation between somebody who pats somebody on the backside and somebody who commits terrible acts against women. And furthermore, what we need in this country and this whole debate, discussion is bringing this up, we need a cultural revolution. Because it’s not just famous people who are harassing women. There are people all over this country: women who are working in restaurants who are being harassed every single day. We need to change the culture of how we treat women on the job.”

He added, “Al Franken felt it was proper for him to resign. Here you have a president who has been accused by many women of assault, who says on a tape that he assaulted women. He might want to think about doing the same.”

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