During an interview aired on Monday’s edition of CNN’s “AC360,” Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) suggested holding Congressional hearings for President Trump’s accusers and argued that when people see those accusers, they’ll see “certainly, the president should be accountable too.”

Merkley, who has called for the president to resign, argued Trump “should be held just as accountable as a member of the Senate.”

He added, “In fact, why don’t we have a hearing in which all of these women [Trump’s accusers] can come forward and tell their stories, in which those that can corroborate their stories can share that information? So that the American public can really see how horrific his conduct has been. I think when they see that, when they realize that they’re calling on — many people are calling on Al Franken’s accountability — for accountability and Roy Moore for accountability, certainly, the president should be accountable too.”

Anchor Anderson Cooper then asked, “Do you think there should be a Congressional investigation into these allegations?”

Merkley responded, “I think it would be very good to have that. The Republicans will not do that. But perhaps we can hold a shadow hearing in which all these women can have the attention of the country and have a fair chance to share their story. I know many of them who have spoken after the election have said how absolutely horrific they felt, that their stories were not given due account during the campaign, that the American people didn’t pay attention. Let’s make sure they have a fair chance to tell their complete stories before the public.”

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