Machinima, a provider of digital entertainment for gamers, announced three new series for Facebook Watch: gamer dating show Co-Op Connection, sketch comedy show Dank/Fire and comic-book-focused talk show Action Figures Comics.

Facebook has been working to secure professional, episodic video content to its Watch feature, which it launched in August. The social network’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has pledged to spend $1 billion on original content over the first year.

For content creators like Machinima, Facebook represents a giant audience of more than 2 billion monthly users (although it remains unclear how many people actually leave their news feeds to check out the Watch tab) and a new potential buyer to help underwrite the cost of creating entertainment programming.

“In some cases content is a vehicle to attract users to a nascent platform,” said Jason Dimberg, Machinima’s Editor-in-chief. “Facebook is different. It’s not a new platform. It’s a new consumption experience.”

The Facebook Watch deal is consistent with Machinima’s strategy to distribute its content broadly, and extend its reach beyond across its core platform on YouTube.

This fall, Machinima launched a linear TV style channel on Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform for video game culture. Its also makes content available via Verizon’s go90 mobile platform, Amazon Video Direct and the Playstation Vue streaming TV service.

Machinima Facebook Watch Series Co-Op Connection

Co-Op Connection, which debuted Monday, is Blind Date meets Dating Game. Hosts Chloe Dykstra and Brandon Winfrey bring gamers together to find out if they are compatible on the screen and in real life.

The sketch comedy show Dank/Fire, with Phil Lorigo and Nick Gregorio, imagines what would happen if your news feed came to life.

Action Figures Comics crew – Gregorio, Lorigo and Cooper Hagedorn and their special guests – gives viewers their weekly comic book fix, offering opinions about what to read and which to skip.

Machinima is a division of the Warner Bros. Digital Networks Group.

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