On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) argued that former President Bill Clinton was impeached “or a lot less than what it looks like Trump did in his life” and the accusations against President Trump would be cause for impeachment.

Anchor Chris Hayes asked Boxer, “What do you think of this idea that — this growing call to investigate, in some formal way, to use Congressional oversight to investigate the allegations made against the president of the United States?”

She answered, “Well, I gave it a lot of thought and I think it makes sense for the House to do it. Because, you know, the House impeached Bill Clinton for a lot less than what it looks like Trump did in his life, since he admitted it, basically. Woman after woman after woman after woman, and they’re coming forward now. So, you know, it would be a cause for impeachment, so I think it does make sense for them to start some hearings on this subject.”

Hayes then inquired if behavior a president engaged in before taking office would be impeachable.

Boxer responded, “Well, I think because he’s lying about it now, and because he said it on the campaign trail. He said, ‘This is terrible. I’m going to sue all these women.’ So, you could argue that he got elected on false pretense, you know, that he lied about it. So, yeah, I think it’s a whole different standard now. You know, we in government should have a higher standard, and there’s no question in my mind, it’s turned.”

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