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Thursday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) reacted to a Washington Post report that President Donald Trump asked why people from “shithole countries” wanted to come to the United States, referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

McAuliffe said, “He’s an embarrassment to our country. He comes off looking like a lunatic saying things like this, disparaging individuals. You know, we need to bring this country together, we need to work together. He just doesn’t have the ability to be able to do it.”

He added, “He is hurting everyone’s ability to grow jobs and do what we need to do to be successful. That’s why in Virginia, last area, we swept statewide offices and we won, Chris, 15 house delegate seats. That’s the most since the 1880s. It was a great affirmation of our four years and it was a great repudiation of Donald Trump and the things that he does and the things that he says.”

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