'Shoes for shoes' is the proof that shoe design has finally gone too far
(Picture: cowgirl_fuckin_boots/Instagram)

First, there were thigh-high Uggs.

Then there were Balenciaga Crocs at £600 a pop (I say ‘were’ because they’ve all sold out now).

And now, in a final F*** YOU to any shoe traditionalists out there, Chinese brand Sankuanz is trying to force ‘shoes for shoes’ on us all.

The label has just debuted its F/W 2018 collection and it includes a sort of over-the-shoe shoe which keeps latched on to your first pair via ugly-chic velcro straps.

Sankuanz showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week and paired the shoe-shoes with military tones, prints and patterns.

And while they do look kinda cool from afar…

…they do look like shoes-on-shoes up close…

…because that’s literally all they are

And friends, you know we’re going to start seeing these everywhere.

It’ll be like the fugly Balenciaga trainers that look like orthopaedic shoes. It’ll be like Yeezies which make your feet appear a hundred times longer.

Our generation loves nothing better than really expensive, really ugly footwear.

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