Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) described the yet-to-be-released Democratic House Intelligence Committee memo, which is said to be a response to the memo released last week, as a “political act,” “inappropriate” and “disingenuous.”

He told host Jeanine Pirro the memo as it was “would have put lives at risk.”

“They said that was going to happen with the Republican memo that was released and we saw that was totally false representations they made,” Gohmert said. “When they put sources and methods, and they are not four, but ten pages. it was totally a political act. It was disingenuous. And it was inappropriate, and it would have put lives at risk. No question.”

Pirro asked Gohmert if there would be any fallout from the memo, to which Gohmert said there should be.

“Somebody’s got to go to jail, or our system is over,” he added. “It is done. The rule of law doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

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