EXCLUSIVE: Lewis Rothenberg has been elected president of the Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, defeating longtime incumbent Steven Poster, whod been president since 2006. Several other incumbents were also defeated. Christy Fiers was elected 1st national vice president, defeating incumbent Paul Varrieur; Stephen Wong was elected national secretary-treasurer, defeating incumbent Eddie Avila, and Jamie Silverstein was elected assistant national secretary treasurer, defeating incumbent Douglas C. Hart.

Rothenberg, a digital imaging technician on Avengers: Infinity War, The Girl on the Train and the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, had previously been the guilds national vice president for two terms under Poster and had served on the national executive board for 13 year before stepping away from union politics three years ago. His three-year term as president of the 8,600-member union will begin on June 22.

“I think that the members accepted my campaign platform that it was time for change,” Rothenberg told Deadline. “I have a great deal of respect for President Poster, but I dont believe anyone should be president of an organization for 13 years. I dont believe we should have career politicians.”

His top priority as president, Rothenberg said, will be “to increase member involvement. We have a great deal of apathy in our union and in our country. I want to encourage them to get involved. That will be my primary goal.”

Rothenberg was elected on a platform of honest and civility. “I very much want to win this election, but it has to be on my terms,” he said in a campaign statement. “I pride myself in my ethics and morality. I will not run a win at any expense campaign. I do strongly feel I am the best candidate to represent my sisters and brothers in this union that I very proudly belong to, but at the end of the day I have to wake up every morning and look myself in the mirror. My campaign will be based on my values, ethics, and goals. I will not engage in mud-slinging, or bashing our union.”

Rothenberg also bested Paul V. Ferrazzi, a third presidential candidate, who was a harsh critic of what he called Posters “autocratic rule.”

Rothenberg supported IATSEs recently ratified film and TV contract, telling Deadline that “every contract has people who are disappointed by what we dont get, but this was the first time we got gains without giving up anything. It got our foot in the door and is a good springboard for our next round of negotiations.”

Rothenberg, who currently lives on the East Coast, will have to relocate to Southern California to serve as president, as is proscribed by the guilds constitution.

In other Local 600 races, Dejan Georgevich was elected national vice president; John Lindley was elected 2nd national vice president, and Deborah M. Lipman was elected national sergeant-at-arms. Elections were also held for Financial Trustees for the Guilds three regions; for the National Executive Board, and for delegates to the IATSE International and District Conventions.

Vote totals have not yet been made public, and the guild noted that the election results are not final until any protests have been resolved by the Election Committee, and the Committees report has been reviewed and accepted by the National Executive Board at its June 22-23 meeting.

“On behalf of the Election Committee, I congratulate the winners and thank the members who voted in the 2019 Local 600 election,” said Peter Hawkins, co-chair of the Local 600 Election Committee. “We look forward to certifying the fRead More – Source