Chinese technology giant Huawei could introduce its own operating system, for smartphones and laptops, this year if the company is banned from using Google and Microsoft software due to pressure from Washington.

The head of the companys consumer division Richard Yu told CNBC the operating system could be ready for use in China by the fourth quarter of this year, while its international version will be available in either the first or second quarter of 2020.

“Today we [Huawei – Ed.] are still committed to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. But if we cannot use that, Huawei will prepare the plan B to use our own OS,” he said.

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The companys own app store, known as the App Gallery, would be available on its own operating system, Yu added.

“We dont want to do this but we will be forced because of the US government. I think this kind of thing will be bad news not only for us, but also for the US companies because we support the US business, so we will be forced to do this on our own,” the top executive said. “We dont want to do this but we have no other solution, no other choice.”

Following accusations of spying for the Chinese government, US President Donald Trump issued an order barring US firms from supplying Huawei with parts or technology.

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