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Burkina Faso election: Peace, security among key issues

Six years after heading into exile, the shadow of former president Blaise Compaore still lingers in Burkina Faso as the country heads to the polls on November 22nd

Islamist insurgeny has triggered high level of insecurity in recent years.

Voters in the West African state are now hoping for a peaceful election despite frequent attacks from Islamic militants.

Opinion polls and several several election analysts have indicated that voters are most likely to cast on candidates who support a peaceful and a secure Burkina Faso.

“There has been talk of national reconciliation, but it’s not the case today. If since then they haven’t taken it seriously, and it’s in the middle of the campaign that everyone is talking from left to right,” Narcisse Compaoré, spokesperson for the movement for the return of political exiles to Burkina Faso said.

President Roc Marc Kabore is seeking a second five year term in office through his ruling People’s Party Movement for Progress,

Peace and security are the major factors that will decide which candidate carry the day during the Sunday vote.

“We note that for all parties, and even the major parties, whether they are of the majority or the opposition, the personality of President Blaise Compaoré is weighing on this campaign and we can only rejoice. I think that there is a pressing appeal at all levels from the people to have President Blaise Compaoré,” Salifou Sawadogo, Former minister under Blaise Compaoré and 2nd vice-president of the CDP explained.

Exiled in Ivory Coast, Blaise compaore is still regarded as one of the highly respected ex-president to Burkina Faso.

“The former president continues to make an impression because more and more people are realising that there is nostalgia. In Blaise’s time, there was a certain tranquillity. What Burkinabe people are looking for today is tranquillity, peace, and that’s why the name of Blaise Compaoré comes up in every speech, every time the candidates go out,” Mahamoudou Savadogo, specialist in security issues in the Sahel region reiterated.

The insurgency has displaced more than 1 million and killing at least 1,600 Burkinabè since 2015.

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