byJeff Poor5 Dec 20170

Monday on his CRTV “Levin TV” program, conservative talker Mark Levin rejected the possibility President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice for firing then-FBI Director James Comey.

Levin explained that the presidency is a constitutional office and that those serving as his subordinates were not. He also said before Comey’s firing, Democrats were calling on Comey to be fired as well.

“As I said in June, a president is free to fire any subordinate,” Levin said. “He is in the Constitution. The subordinates are not. He is free to fire any subordinate for any reason. It’s not possible to be obstruction of justice when you are complying with your constitutional responsibilities. Moreover, as I’ve said a thousand times — one second before Trump fired Comey, the Democrats were howling like a bunch of hyenas demanding that Comey be fired. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president of the United States and fired Jim Comey, they’d give her a ticker-tape parade.”

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