Man Utd fans rage as Alli escapes red for tackle 'miles worse' than Pogba's Bellerin foul
Dele Alli is shown a yellow card by referee Craig Pawson (Picture: REUTERS)

Manchester United fans were infuriated to see Dele Alli walk away with a yellow card for a gruesome tackle on Kevin de Bruyne.

Tottenham star Alli escaped a red card when he appeared to stamp on the Manchester City star’s ankle and United supporters could not help but question the decision.

Paul Pogba was given his marching orders for an accidental stamp on Hector Bellerin and is currently serving a three-match ban.

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Dele Alli stamps on Kevin de Bruyne (Picture: BT Sport)
Alli stamps on Kevin de Bruyne (Picture: BT Sport)
Man Utd fans rage as Alli escapes red for tackle 'miles worse' than Pogba's Bellerin foul
The Manchester City star could have been seriously injured (Picture: REUTERS)
Man Utd fans rage as Alli escapes red for tackle 'miles worse' than Pogba's Bellerin foul
Paul Pogba was sent off for this tackle on Hector Bellerin (Picture: Reuters)

It was deemed irrelevant whether Pogba meant to stamp on Bellerin’s leg, but Alli was only cautioned in his case.

Referee Craig Pawson decided the foul only warranted a yellow and Alli played on in the 4-1 loss against City before being hauled off in the 84th minute.

United fans spotted the double standard and raged on social media at the referee and the FA.

McManaman there defending Alli saying he got the ball first… But, Pogba getting the ball first didn’t matter ????

— Scotty Tridge ?? (@ScottTridge) December 16, 2017

Pundits saying Alli got the ball first is everything wrong about the anti united bias. Clear red for pogba but debatable for Alli.

Never stop you jackasses

— kenna (@kennagq) December 16, 2017

Wonder if Pogba will get his ban increased because of Alli’s tackle? #mufc.

— Tom Simpson ?? (@TomMUFC8) December 16, 2017

Remember when Dele Alli thought he was better than Ashley Young ? Pogba red even more of a yellow now & title race might not be over ?

— Kevin Doyle (@kevkev1987) December 16, 2017

The FA are an absolute joke. Otamendi makes the same challenge Mané made and didn't get sent off (same referee), Rose's push was worse than Lovren's but it wasn't a penalty. I'm not defending United here or anything but Alli basically did what Pogba did and didn't get sent off.

— ¹⁰ (@CoutinhoPrime) December 16, 2017

how did pogba get a red and alli didn’t? surely his was worse than paul’s…?

— Not Actually Giggs (@Giggsyholic) December 16, 2017

How Dele Alli didnt get sent off for the challenge on De Bruyne beats me. Miles worse than the Pogba challenge on Bellerin

— Igala_Alan_Shore (@i_am_Anomeli) December 16, 2017

Both Alli and Kane had worse challenges than pogba and of course pogba is the one that got a red his tackle

— Lion of Zion (@Dre_Breezelee) December 16, 2017

Reminder Pogba got a red for a tackle not even 1/2 as bad, or as intentional, as Alli/ Kane’s today. The consistency of refereeing is just shockingly poor.

— Jaydn (@JaydnMUFC) December 16, 2017

Alli – yellow …pogba – red…..only cause alli is English

— Bazza (@RefBazza) December 16, 2017

How is Alli not getting a straight red there?!! That is absolutely same thing that Pogba got a red for. #MCITOT

— Calvin 'Emeka Onwuka (@CalvinEmeka) December 16, 2017

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