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Friday on CNN, Secretary of State Tillerson was asked about a New York Times interview in which President Donald Trump said FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe made the country “look very bad.”

Partial transcript as follows:

LABOTT: President Trump said that this whole Russia investigation has been a kind of drag on your foreign policy, that it hurts you with allies, that there is a lot of confusion. How has that impacted your dealings with world leaders in terms of this cloud, if you will?

TILLERSON: It has had no impact.

LABOTT: Really?

TILLERSON: It’s had none. It never comes up in our conversations or my bi-lats or the domestic issues around the Russia involvement in our elections are not part of our dialogue elsewhere. I think the rest of the world recognizes it is a domestic issue. It’s an important one. The Russians and we talk about it, and we have said to them, look, it’s a problem.

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