Products made in Russia, such as wine, vodka and chocolate, could be in high demand on the shelves of Argentinean shops, said a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress of Argentina, Carlos Gaston Roma.

“Russian wine has a different flavor … If you go to a wine boutique in Argentina, you will find shelves with wines from South Africa, Chile, America, but there are no shelves with Russian wine. And this is a challenge for Russia as consumers are becoming globally oriented and want to taste wine from different regions,” he told RIA Novosti after visiting Crimea.

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According to the deputy, there are many high-quality products in Russia which could be presented on the global market.

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“I brought chocolate from Russia, it is very good chocolate, but I think that people do not have enough information about it. If you happen to be at any airport in the world, there will be brands from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, from America, but not from Russia,” he said.

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