Restrictions on Huawei Technologies may temporarily be scaled back, the US Commerce Department noted on Friday after blacklisting the Chinese tech giant under President Donald Trumps national emergency declaration.

The department might issue a temporary general license for 90 days to give companies using Huawei's equipment enough time to maintain their communications network while switching to alternatives, Reuters reported.

The possible award of a general license however would not apply to new transactions, the Commerce Department noted.

Also on US adds Chinese telecom Huawei to trade blacklist

Washington added Huawei to its blacklist on Thursday after Trump ruled that the Chinese firm could “undermine US national security or foreign policy interests,” particularly in developing Americas 5G network.

Huawei slammed Washingtons decision amid accusations of spying and trade tensions with Beijing, warning that the move will leave the US behind in deploying 5G telecommunications services which in the long run will only hurt Americans.

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