PATHARPRATIMA: Contending that she was the custodian of people's rights, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said she would not let anyone harm their interests.
Asserting that her crusade against National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR) would continue, Mamata Banerjee said she would do everything in her power to protect the people of the state, as long as she was alive.
"We do not live at the mercy of anyone … I will not allow anyone to take away our rights," the CM said at a public meeting here, on the western fringes of Sunderbans.
"I am your 'pehradar' (custodian), if anyone comes to take away your rights, he will have to do it over my dead body. There is no need to be afraid of anybody," Banerjee, who has been one of the most vocal critics of NRC and NPR, said.
The state government had last month stayed all activities related to the preparation and update of NPR.
"Work to revise the voters' list is going on. You must all include your names … However, if anyone, who came from outside, asks your name, your father's and grandparents' names, their birthplace, do not share the details …
"We will not allow people to incite violence in the state," Banerjee, who is also the TMC boss, said.
Reacting to allegations that she was trying to stall the process by which refugees would be granted citizenship, Banerjee said those bringing charges against her should know that her government has legalised refugee camps in the state.
Without taking names of any party, Banerjee said people were being "misled and misinformed" about the new citizenship act. She urged them to avoid paying heed tRead More – Source


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