NEW DELHI: Though there isnt much to separate them in terms of age, the elevation of Jagat Prakash Nadda as BJP president after home minister Amit Shahs eventful tenure is an important inflexion point for the party, dominated by personalities like PM Narendra Modi and Shah.
Though no significant break is anticipated given that the new president is expected to be guided by the top duo, the event does signify change.
While Shahs ways were a shock to the BJP organisation, used to a more sedate approach where factional considerations were often decisive, Nadda will take charge of a party set-up more used to bold moves and hard-headed pragmatism and political deliberations that begin late evening and spill over well past midnight.
Nadda, 59, is well versed in the ways of the Sangh Parivar, having been an activist from his college days in Patna and Himachal Pradesh. He has the benefit of working with BJP stalwarts, having attracted attention in the mid-80s. Having
risen through the ranks, he has gained organisational as well as administrative experience in the party, and the state and central governments.
His challenge will be to ensure the intensive work culture the party has witnessed since the Modi campaign gathered steam in late 2013 does not slack. Though BJP has changed immensely, elements of the old order, unhappy with the upending of long-held privileges, have retreated but have not vanished.
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