Issued on: 27/08/2020 – 09:18

Rwandas government has written to France requesting the extradition of a key suspect in the East African nations genocide a quarter-century ago, officials said Wednesday.

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Maj. Gen. Aloys Ntiwiragabo, a former head of Rwandas military intelligence service, recently was found by a French media outlet to be living in the suburbs of Orleans.

Rwanda prosecution spokesman Justin Nkusi told The Associated Press that an international arrest warrant has been issued for Ntiwiragabo, who is under investigation in France over his role in the 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsi, and Hutus who tried to protect them, were killed.

Rwandas government says the 71-year-old Ntiwiragabo was part of the inner circle of the former government that orchestrated the genocide. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda describes him as one of the architects of the killings.

Rwandan prosecutor general Aimable Havugiyaremye told reporters in Kigali on Tuesday that the government is working with the French unit in charge of combating war crimes and crimes against humanity to investigate the case.

The extradition request for Ntawiragabo comes after another suspected architect of the genocide, Felicien Kabuga, was arrested outside Paris in May.

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