Author: MOHAMMED RASOOLDEEN | ARAB NEWS STAFFSat, 2018-01-27 21:30ID: 1517066769567218300

RIYADH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) supplied food to Yemen’s Al-Fasht and Balkan islanders on Thursday who are trapped by Houthi-laid mines, an official from the organization told Arab News on Friday.
He said that it was fifth relief campaign carried out for the two islands, and it reached 43 families comprising 205 individuals.
The islands are located near Midi port in the Hajjah province.
The mines are a threat to inhabitants of the isolated islands as the population depends solely depend on donated food.
Each family was given a basket of dates and others rations for their daily needs.
The project was started by the organization last June and supplies are delivered as and when required by the islanders.
During this week, the center distributed 3.5 tons (500 cartons) of dates in the Al-Hazm district of Al-Jawf governorate of Yemen. This project is being carried out as part of its extensive humanitarian efforts which include 175 projects throughout the country.
Last week, KSRelief announced it had 85 percent completed a project to build 300 high-quality dwellings for Yemeni refugees living at the Obock camp in Northern Djibouti.
The project provides air-conditioned housing units, health care and schools for 2,000 Yemenis. The priority is to protect camp residents from the difficult weather conditions, particularly during the hot summer months.
KSRelief has also implemented other projects for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti such as supplying food baskets and safe drinking water, and establishing health care facilities for use by both Yemeni refugees and Djiboutians.

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