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JEDDAH: Renowned Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny was given a heros welcome at his first concert in the Kingdom at King Abdullah Economic City.
As the audience chanted his name, the songwriter and actor announced: “It feels like Im singing for the first time. Ill wake up from this dream now.”
Hosny, 40, is a renowned singer, actor, composer and director. In 2004, his debut album, “Hob,” earned him the title “King of the Generation.”
He was named best African artist at the African Music Awards, and “Legend of the Century” at the Big Apple Music Awards in 2010.
The opening act at Fridays concert, Al-Dewaneya, won a large following with their instrumental traditional Arabic music.
Saudi singer Mohammed Al-Sahli followed their performance with a version of Abu Ft. Yousras hit “3 Daqat.” “I would like to thank the people of Saudi Arabia for this lovely day,” Hosny said when he arrived on stage. “This is a dream come true.”
The singer performed hit songs such as “Kol Marra,” “Arrab Habibi” and “Ya Bent El Ea.”
Hosny sang with intense emotion, with the crowd cheering his name. An old hit, “Telephony Rann,” was a favorite with many in the audience.
In the middle of the concert, the singer asked the audience to turn on their cellphone flashlights as the stage lights were dimmed. “The whole world has to see this,” said Hosny as he filmed the scene with his cellphone. The show was organized by 360 Live and sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority, which has planned more than 5,000 events for 2018.

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