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The Masmak Fort: The fort is a magnificent citadel that takes us back to the history of Saudi Arabia. This is the fort stormed by the late King Abdul Aziz bin Saud in 1902, creating a turning point in the history of the Arabian peninsula.

It is a tourists favorite and a must-visit destination in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Not only do Saudis and expatriates appreciate the majesty of this vast architectural wonder, but it draws interest from across the world as well.

Today, Masmak Fort is an acute and virtually official symbol of the pivotal rise of the Saudi nation. It captures the feel of old Arabia and the essence of a struggle that created a modern Saudi state today.

Within the fort, visitors can find traditional dresses and crafts, a diwan with an open courtyard, functioning well, and a mosque besides many other attractions that are a feast for the eyes.

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