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Start-up of the Week: Digital studio Tamawoj: A brilliant fusion of science and art

Tue, 2018-05-08 03:43

Tamawoj is an independent digital studio based in Jeddah. It offers creative web, social and design solutions for clients around the world.

The independent studio is run by Nouf Alhimriary, who is the head of web, and Rafal Jokhdar, head of social.

“Social media is the most used source today. Its a worldwide hub where people connect with friends, meet new people, get news or find out about cool new places to hang out in,” Jokhdar told Arab News.

“Its the largest gathering space, market and news outlet, and is continuously expanding,” she added.

The studio was established in mid-2017. “Tamawoj is different because our main strength is realizing that technology is at the forefront of art today. Art and science are not separate in our work; our designers develop, and our developers design,” Alhimiary said when asked what makes their studio different from their counterparts.

“With our combined vision we create magical realities that showcase our youthful edge in todays market,” she added.

She explained that Tamawoj means “Ripple” — a series of waves on the surface of water caused by a single drop.

“We wanted our name to reflect our influence. The drop is our creativity, and the ripple is the influence it has created,” said Alhimiary.

Jokhdar explained that Tamawoj is local, young and trendy. “We cater to each of our clients needs and help them achieve their goals while constantly being on trend, and recreating whats new on the web,” said Jokhdar.

“As youths ourselves, we always try to help young, talented individuals as we give them a starting point in their careers: Whether its a client building a business or one of our employees to whom we give projects that are in line with their greatest skills to help them grow professionally.

“We love collaborations and love building our Tamawoj family,” she added.

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