Public urged to avoid all vegetable and fruit products of European origin produced by Greenyard

Dubai: The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has urged the public not to consume any frozen products of the company Greenyard that are subject to a recall in view of the risk of contamination by the Listeria bacterium.

The ministry issued a decision on Sunday to withdraw all listeria-contaminated frozen vegetables and fruit products of European origin that are produced by Greenyard.

“The decision is based on the findings of an investigative report following the warning issued by the European Union countries regarding listeria-contaminated Greenyard frozen vegetables and fruit products, which resulted in deaths, according to the European Commission and the World Health Organisation,” said Majd Al Herbawi, Food Safety Director at MOCCAE.

He added that, based on an alert they received from Europe, containing a list of the companys products that have been exported to the UAE, they issued a notification to the local food control authorities to investigate the products on the list and ensure that UAE markets are free of contaminated food items.

“The decision underscores the Ministrys commitment to ensuring food safety and protecting consumers from adulterated and misbranded foods in coordination with relevant authorities in the UAE,” said Al Herbawi.

Al Herbawi indicated that MOCCAE, along with Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and municipal authorities in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, is closely following the updates on the outbreak.

MOCCAE emphasizes that all food products in the UAE, whether locally produced or imported, are safe for consumption, as they are strictly monitored by the Ministry and relevant local authorities.

MOCCAE has published the list of contaminated items and urges the public not to consume any Greenyard frozen products that are subject to the recall. The Ministry encourages consumers to return or discard the items on the list below, as they may pose serious health hazards, especially to the elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from immune deficiency.

Greenyards Item No. ESS-FOOD Item No.

American Mix III 12x900g DatSchaub (SAP-4658) 1000524

American Mix III 24×400 g DatSchaub (SAP-4657) 1000523

Mixed Vegetables 4 10x1kg Pin (SAP-33784) 1002178

Mixed Vegetables 4 12x900g DSCHAUB LFII (SAP-13176) 1000003

Mixed Vegetables 4 24x450g DSCHAUB LFII (SAP-13061) 1000002

Sweet corn 12x900g DatSchaub LFII (SAP-3676) 1000511

Sweetcorn 4×2.5kg Pin ISPM (SAP-46879) 1000588

Sweetcorn 24x450g DSCHAUB LFII (SAP-13040) 1000510

Vegetable Mix 4 20% 24x540g DSCHAUB LFII (SAP-33423) 1000527

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