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RIYADH: People-to-people exchange is the cornerstone of bilateral relations, Korean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jo Byung Wook told Saudi alumni of Korean universities at a reunion organized by the embassy.
Speaking to Arab News on Monday, the Korean ambassador said that the reunion was organized as part of continuous outreach efforts by the Korean Embassy to a wide community of Saudi students, businesspeople and citizens with an interest in Korea and its culture.
“The participants shared their experiences of living and studying in Korea, and how those experiences are helping them to pursue their professional goals back home,” the ambassador said.
Addressing the students, the ambassador stressed the importance of exchange as the cornerstone of bilateral relations.
“I believe people-to-people exchange plays a unique role in promoting the development of bilateral ties and strengthening cooperation,” the envoy told Arab News.
The ambassador reminded the participants of their valued and special roles as alumni of Korean universities to build bridges between the Saudi and Korean people.
The envoy further underlined that relations between the Kingdom and Korea have evolved significantly since the countries established diplomatic ties in 1962.
“The two countries are now embarking on a journey of even closer friendship and cooperation for the next half century and beyond,” he said.
“Now there are more than 200 Saudi nationals who finished their studies either for undergraduate or graduate programs at various universities in Korea since 2011 and are back home working in different capacities.”
There were 450 Saudi students currently studying in Korea, he said. “They are valuable assets for future bilateral relations because they understand the core values of both the countries.”
“By working together and leveraging our respective strengths, I am confident that we will usher in a
new golden age of our bilateral relations.”
The ambassador said that the Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan is scheduled to be held at the King Fahd Cultural Center in October, showcasing traditional Korean dance and music.
He said that early next year the National Museum of Korea plans to hold the first-ever Korean history and culture exhibition in Riyadh.

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