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JEDDAH: Saudi Arabias General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT) announced the seizure of 323 VAT violations during
an inspection campaign targeting mobile phones and electronic appliances in commercial centers and shops throughout the Kingdom.
The campaign was aimed at ensuring that establishments comply with the value added tax system and its executive regulations, reported the Saudi Press Agency.
The field campaign carried out by the authoritys inspection teams began last week and targeted 1,876 locations in various regions of the Kingdom.
The violations included the failure of companies to use the approved tax invoice forms, which includes their individual unique tax number, not presenting the VAT registration certificate, or issuing invalid invoices by companies not bound by tax invoice requirements.
GAZT seeks to raise awareness among businesses on the importance of applying VAT and ensure proper application of all tax procedures through its ongoing field campaigns.
The authority reiterated its call to all consumers to use and abide by the VAT application that allows them to identify which businesses are registered with the VAT system.

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