Issued on: 04/02/2020 – 17:18Modified: 04/02/2020 – 17:18

Anti-government demonstrators faced off against followers of influential cleric Moqtada Sadr across Iraq on Tuesday, a day after one demonstrator was killed in a clash between the two sides.


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The split has been caused over the nomination of Mohammad Allawi as Iraqs new prime minister.

Tensions have been high in protest squares in recent days between youths furious at Allawis nomination and Sadrists.

On Monday, a demonstrator was stabbed to death and three others wounded after Sadr supporters, known as 'blue hats'; attacked an anti-regime rally, medics and security sources said.

Allawi, 65, was nominated on February 1 after two months of political stalemate over who would replace ex-premier Read More – Source