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JEDDAH: Islamic associations in Sweden, India and Cameroon have written to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, condemning the targeting of various Saudi Arabian cities by the ballistic missiles of the Houthi militia, and praising the Saudi defense forces for intercepting and destroying them.
Hussein Al-Daoudi, chairman of the Scandinavian message association in Sweden, deplored the reckless missile attacks against civilians in Riyadh, Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jazan but thanked God that all of the missiles were destroyed.
The association condemned this ugly act, saying it was against all religious teachings and international laws. It called for the international community to stand against this “gang” which doesnt respect simple humanitarian rules, and confirmed its support to Saudi Arabia and King Salman for spreading moderation, world peace and dialogue.
Sheikh Salaheddine Makboul Ahmed, the head of Ahl Al-Hadith association in India (formerly Al-Waqfiya), supported the deeds of Saudi Arabia in putting an end to the aggression against Yemen and restoring its safety and security.
Sheikh Nsango Abdo, the head of the Cameroonian Cultural Association, said that the criminal aggression of the Houthis isnt approved by any religion, and is against any logic.

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