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JEDDAH: A general plan to cover emergency responses during the Hajj season has been put in place, ensuring safety for pilgrims and visitors to the Prophets Mosque, said Gen. Suleiman bin Abdullah Al-Omro, director-general of the Civil Defense.
He said that Civil Defense forces implementing the plan have started their missions in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites, taking the required measures to preserve the safety of pilgrims and addressing possible risks worshippers might face during Hajj.
The General Directorate of Civil Defense has deployed 18,000 officers and staff, supported by 3,000 vehicles, at the sites and roads visited by pilgrims, he said.
Previous Hajj seasons had offered lessons on the development of units and squads, and the performance of awareness-raising missions, preventive supervision and other civil defense works, he said.
Meanwhile, Makkah Region Development Authority has deployed all its administrative and technical cadres, adding up to more than 14,000 employees along with more than 400 mechanisms to implement the operational plan.

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