Israeli soldiers stop and search Palestinian teen in occupied East Jerusalem (AFP)

A Palestinian citizen of Israel was shot dead in the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday after he was suspected of attempting to stab a policeman, according to an Israeli military police statement cited by Haaretz.

An Israeli ID card found at the scene showed that he was 30-year-old from Umm al-Fahm, a town about about an hour's drive from the northern city of Haifa.

Videos on social media showed dozens of Israeli military police rushing to al-Nazer Gate, which leads to the al-Aqsa compound.

Middle East Eye could not immediately confirm the identity of the man or the details of the incident.

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper reported that the Israeli forces prevented Palestinians from entering al-Aqsa Mosque for the Maghrib (sunset) prayer after the shooting, and it closed the gates of the mosque's compound after evacuating Palestinians from it.

The Old City of Jerusalem is in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, which Palestinians seek as their capital for a future state.

There are around 1.6 million Palestinian citizens of Israel today, making up 20 percent of the country's population.

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