Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiID: 1545248291151600100Wed, 2018-12-19 22:36

JEDDAH: The Muslim World League (MWL) conducted a workshop to provide training to its staff in accordance with the best international professional standards.
The workshop was organized in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and covers several areas of MWLs operation such as international refugee assistance and protection, camp management and community awareness.
The event was organized in line with the directives of MWL Secretary-General Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa and under the supervision of the International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development.
The workshop also aimed at improving the performance and work environment at the MWL. Around 45 trainees from various departments and programs took part in the program.
A number of UNHCR international panelists conducted the workshop, which included three conferences on the functions and categories of the MWLs beneficiaries. It also included conferences on camp management, location, size and design, as well as the required time for the implementation of the programs and the responsibility of local and international nongovernmental institutions or authorities.
The conferences also helped develop a better understanding of international humanitarian laws, human resources assessment, community awareness and resource development, in addition to practical training and rapid interactive training.
The speakers praised the efforts of the MWL in the field of humanitarian work, and expressed their satisfaction over the skills of the organizations staff.
The UNHCR organized two training sessions last year in coordination with International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development on the legal protection of refugees.
MWL has implemented an urgent relief campaign distributing food baskets to more than 40,000 refugees from Central Africa who are residing in the refugee camps on Chads borders.
It has been providing relief since the beginning of the armed conflict in Central Africa and the displacement of its residents to neighboring countries, including Chad.
It is the only international humanitarian organization that is still providing aid for Central Africans, with the big support of relevant governmental and security bodies in Chad, while all other organizations have stopped their work on the borders for different reasons.
MWL has pledged to continue aiding the displaced Central Africans, no matter how dangerous the conditions get, as it strongly believes in the greatness of its humanitarian mission and the cause of the Islamic religion that is tolerant toward all religions and races.
MWL recently launched a heart surgery program for the elderly, assistance for 14,000 orphans, and implemented a program to fight disease in Sudans eastern state of Kassala.
It also inaugurated a project to fight disease in Kassala following a call by the Sudanese Prime Minister Omar Al-Bashir for humanitarian organizations to help combat chikungunya in the area.

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