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Makkah: Saudi Arabia has won itself a strong position that allowed it to competently serve Muslims, the President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith in Paris, Ahmet Ogras, said on Monday.
He stressed that the Kingdom represents Muslims around the world and voices their concerns.
This came on the sidelines of the Guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques event in Makkah, and after the guests had spent six days in Madinah.
“Saudi Arabia has devoted its financial and human resources to support Islamic causes, unite Muslims, and support them,” Ogras said.
He pointed out that the ideal logistic and security services provided to pilgrims and visitors were experienced by Muslims from across the Islamic world.
Ogras believes that the visit of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to France has been the focus of Muslims attention in France and the whole world.
“We look forward to strengthening the friendship between France and Saudi Arabia in order to serve Muslims and support their causes,” he said.
Ogras described Saudi Arabia as the incubator of Islam and Muslims, owing to its strong economy and knowledge.
He added that his ongoing visits to Saudi Arabia allowed him to be introduced to the Kingdoms huge projects for serving Muslims.
The UK-based astronomy professor Dr. Louay Fatouhi said the Guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques program is proof of King Salmans sincerity and generosity.
“King Salman has been serving Islam for decades, and Saudi Arabia has always given so generously to serve Muslims without expecting anything in return,” he said.
Fatouhi highlighted the economic changes and the projects being implemented in Makkah and Madinah, in addition to the tremendous change this countrys visitors experience, which have won it the appreciation, love, and respect of the whole world.
“Saudi Arabia is going through a new era of facing and overcoming challenges with determination,” he said.
Neurosurgery professor Mohammed Chaudhry, of the University of Oslo, said that at a time when the KSA is being targeted by misleading media campaigns, it has demonstrated its greatness without caring for skeptics and is overcoming all challenges with its honesty and respect for international conventions and covenants.
Chaudhry emphasized that scientists, intellectuals, researchers, and ordinary people from across the world are experiencing the Kingdoms generosity and are aware of the services it provides to Muslims during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.
Genetics professor Abdul Hamid Al-Ameen, also from the University of Oslo, described Saudi Arabia as “the country of faith.”
“This country is protected by Allah,” he said, “Allah has granted Saudi Arabia a just king who took upon himself to serve Muslims and support them.”

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